Do you want to take part in the last video of the year of Bizipoz Kafe?

In Bizipoz Kafe we have thought to make a video but we need your participation. We want to have fun and to wish merry christmas to everybody. If you want to participate tell us trhoug social media or telephone. You also can give your name in the café. The making off will be the next friday, 23 of december at 7p.m. and the only thing we need from you is your bizipoz.



GOX-OTZ artisanal ice creams

Ice cream can be eaten during all the year. That is why we show you GOX-OTZ artisanal ice creams, from Tolosa. They have been doing ice creams during 35 years and they do of several flavors: strawberry, cream, yogurt, chocolate, coffee, lime, hazelnut and vanilla. 


Markel Irizar club´s lunch

As every year in this period of the year, Markel Irizar club´s lunch will be celebrated in the 19th of November. The lunch will be in Zotz and after it there will be a concert in Bizipoz Kafe´s square. To go to the lunch you need to give your name and pay 10€ in Bizipoz Kafe.


Aspanogi Mobibike day 2016

This sunday Aspanogi Mobibike will celebrate in Zarautz. The celebration will start at 9 in the morning and until 17:00 in the afternoon there will be several activities and Markel Irizar, Haimar Zubeldia, Pirritx, Porrotx and Marimotots will be also there.

The money earned this day will be for Aspanogi. 


Markel Irizar in Faktoria radio show in Euskadi Irratia

This morning Markel Irizas has been in the radio programm called Faktoria of Euskadi Irratia. He has spoken about his life but also about Bizipoz Kafe. In addition, next thursday he will participate in a conference about the creation of new companies as something innovative in Orona Ideo in Hernani. If you haven´t listen into the interview here you have the link. 



Concert of the band Konbo of the Musika Eskola Lazkao Txiki

Tomorrow the band Konbo of the Musika Eskola Lazkao Txiki will offer a concert in the square of Bizipoz Kafe at 18:30 in the afternoon. You are invited!! 


Breast cancer against day

Bizipoz Kafe is with every women who is suffering this illness. Best wishes for everyone!!


Do you know our present breakfast cards?

We have present breakfast cards and with one of them, two people will have the chance to enjoy a breakfast. 


VIth homage to Iban Altube

Tomorrow, 16th of october, it will the VIth homage to Iban Altube in Oñati. There will be two routes for thouse who want to participate: the long one is about 36km and the short one about 24km. Both will start at 9:00 in Oñati´s square. After, at 10:30 children route will start. That one is about 7km and children will go with Markel Irizar. 


Bizipoz, more just than a coffee bar

After the hard team effort many months 15th of January borned Bizipoz, the new coffee bar located in Oñati, in the 5th of Portu Kale street in the hearth of Gipuzkoa.

The professional rider from Trek-Segafredo Markel Irizar is behind this project, and thanks to the support of many friends and family, he will be involved in a new challenge in his life. Bizipoz wants to be more than a coffee bar. Bizipoz wants to be a place where friends and customers can chat and meet together, offering to everybody that wants to go in good products made in a lovely way and with the most modern technics.

Because you are unique and unrepeteable. ..wellcome to Bizipoz!